Anaesthesia technicians provide highly skilled assistance to anaesthetists and are an integral part of the anaesthetic team. They have detailed knowledge of anaesthetic and airway equipment, monitoring and sterilisation. They are responsible for setting up the anaesthetic area prior to the patient arriving and providing assistance during all phases of the anaesthetic procedure. They are trained to be familiar with anaesthetic and surgical procedures and drugs, as well as basic and advanced life support. They assist in the safe positioning of patients and the use of ancillary equipment from tourniquets to intra-aortic balloon pumps. They ensure that the theatre is adequately stocked with anaesthetic equipment and drugs. They maintain much of the resuscitation equipment throughout the hospital. Anaesthesia technicians also run the cell-salvage and autotransfusion services in the operating theatres.

There are currently 35 anaesthetic technicians, which includes the chief anaesthetic technician and three senior anaesthetic technicians (coordinating and training).

For information regarding employment in the area of anaesthesia technicians please contact the chief anaesthesia technician on 9346 1216.